St Francis Senior School

Principal: Ms Dee Kiely
St Francis Senior National School
Clonshaugh Drive
Coolock, Dublin 17.
Phone: (01) 847 0656

St. Francis’ Senior and Junior schools evolved from St Mary’s National School. Clonshaugh, which was a small country school at the time. This building is now known as St Thomas’ Junior Education Centre. The Senior section of St Mary’s transferred to St francis’ Senior School on the 1st September 1980.

St Francis’ Schools then grew rapidly from a rural school to two very large urban ones.

When the school was at it’s largest it contained 6 classes of each standard from 3rd to 6th class, with up to 40 pupils in each class, as well as 2 special classes.

St Francis School is a Catholic School and the Parish is run by The Capuchin Friars and the Sisters of The Sacred Heart.

In 2009/10 school year there are:

3 Third Classes, 3 Fourth Classes, 3 Fifth Classes and 3 Sixth Classes. There is a H.S.C.L. teacher, 2 teachers for children with special needs and 3 Teachers for learning support.

The school today boasts of many triumphs on the Gaelic Football Pitch with both girls and boys teams, as well as a host of achievements in Santry athletics competitions each year.

Choirs and recorder bands from the school have taken part in Cor Fheile, Baile Atha Cliath, for many years.