Eucharist – First Holy Communion

Priorswood A Short Guide to Communion Confession

Preparation for First Holy Communion

First Confession and First Holy Communion are big events for your child and for your family. It’s important that we prepare well for them.

Grow in Love Programme 

Your children take part in the Grow in Love Programme in School. This excellent programme helps them prepare to meet Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation (First Confession) and to receive Jesus in the Sacrament of the Eucharist (First Holy Communion). You can find out more about Grow in Love here:

Parish Preparation Programme

The Parish supports your child’s preparation in a number of ways through:

  1. The monthly Family Preparation Mass
  2. Classroom resources in advance of the preparation Mass
  3. The Short Guide to First Confession & First Holy Communion Booklet: Priorswood A Short Guide to Communion Confession
  4. Classroom visits
  5. Praying with your child booklet : Praying with Your Child Holy Communion 2023
  6. Practice and rehearsals for the Sacraments
  7. Sacramental Preparation Videos:
    1. Overview of the Sacraments:
    2. The Sacrament of Reconciliation:
  8. Admin support for Sacramental registration.

Parental / Guardian Participation

Your participation is vital. Your children look up to you and listen to what you say. If you show them that preparing for these Sacraments is important, then they will follow your lead and example. First Confession and First Holy Communion are very positive and life-giving events for your child, your family, the school and the parish. We strongly encourage you to:

  1. Attend the monthly Family Preparation Mass and encourage your child to get involved in the Mass
  2. Pray with your child at home – you can use the booklet ‘Praying with your Child’ above.
  3. Help them understand the significance of the Sacraments as moments whereby we meet Jesus. (The Short Guide booklet will help with this)
  4. Help them see that their First Holy Communion day is about more than the just about what they wear or what they do after Mass. It’s part of a bigger story – the story of our faith.

If you have any questions or if you feel we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to make contact with us. You can phone or email us on:

Fr Martin : / 089 4867102

Parish Office (Natalie) : / 01 8474469